AIB Advanced Internet Block


AIB use crypto currency as the asset to gain profit as an investment product. It can be gathered by buying or mining thought the internet. and it support distributed pledge and decentralized zero maintaining. base on this innovative technology as a investment tool to gain real profit from real estate internet

AIB bases on Bitcoin open source technology, and apply more Advancedd sCrypt crypto technology + unique green mining technology. It is also supported by the community of Bitcoin,Litecoin,Dogecoin to gain more stability, and also AIB itself is also open source.


AIB-Advanced Internet Block

AIB Specification

AIB has total 31.4 billion coins (19 degrees of PI). There is about 5 million coins able to mine out, and others belongs to fundation management team. It will generate a block every one minute, and every block will contains 1 AIB coin until reach the limit. However, it still can be mined for profit as transaction fee across the network.


AIB - Advanced Internet Block

Investment Benefit

AIB will use the fund to investment in the field of real estate, internet(mobile) application and future infrastructure investment. Base the value of this virtual product, the price of this AIB will be dynamic on the market. So if you invest in AIB, you just likely do a crow-funding for, and venture investment. We are trying to use our professional team to gain this high ratio profit. to make the AIB holder with the best profit as we can

AIB - Advanced Internet Block - Tech Team

Advanced Internet Block(AIB) - Tech team is base on Vancouver, Canada .It is distributed world wide without any limit. Canada do not have any regulation to restrict the Bitcoin technology. Majority of the countries acknowledge the virtual currency(asset) as a product able trade each other. Please admit your local law regards this bitcoin related product

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